What Is A Shower Diverter Valve?


Shower diverter valve is an important part of your washroom, especially if you want to switch the water flow from shower head to normal tap faucet and vice versa. This is a simple device that comes with a valve. But like any other device, this valve too can start to malfunction. In case of such issues, you can contact one of the best plumbers near me. They can help you in fixing the issue or replacing the faulty one with a new one.

Want to know more about this shower diverter valve? Read on.

Choose The Right Type

Before you buy this valve, you need to know about different types of diverter valves available in the market.

There are mainly 3 types of diverter valves that you can get. These are:

1. Three-Valve Diverter

This is a type of diverter valve that mostly consists of a leveler or a tap just between the cold tap and hot tap. It is mostly found in two-tap faucet. In order to activate this type of diverter, you have to turn the valve 180 degrees. Once you are done, you can simply turn it back.

2. Tee Diverter

This is the most popular one of all. It is a single valve diverter which is located in the tub faucet. In order to activate, you have to pull up on the lever present in the faucet. The diverter will be activated.

3. Two-Valve Diverter

Another commonly used diverter valve type is the two-valve diverter. This can be located either in the center of the single faucet or in between the taps of the two-tap faucet.

No matter which type of shower diverter valve you are choosing, you need to hire the best plumber Carlsbad to get it installed in your washroom.

Common Problems With These Diverter Valves

Just like any other devices and faucets in your washroom, this one too can encounter with different problems.

Some of the common problems are:

  • Leakage issues
  • Unable to switch or divert successfully
  • Trouble in operating the valve

Because the diverter valve device is quite a simple one, the issues are not that difficult in nature. All you need is a proper professional help to solve this. Look for the best plumbing companies near me that offer the best services. Whether there is any issue regarding leakage or operation of the valve or diversion of the water, a professional plumbing company can take good care of it. They can assess the issue properly and help in finding the best solution.


While plumbing problems can be complicated, calling an expert to help is essential just to be sure that the plumbing system is in the right hands. It is quite evident from the above that you will need one of the best plumbing services near me to install the diverter valve in your washroom. Moreover, you have to contact them in case of any emergency plumbing issues or any problem related to the shower diverter valve. With the help of a professional expert, you can get the best solution to your plumbing issues.