What Are The 5 Major Types Of Valves?


Apart from the professionals, homeowners should also know how plumbing and piping networks (among other home components) work and function. It can help you find the source of the problem and get it solved economically. You can also search Google with appropriate keywords including “reliable plumber near me” to hire an expert plumbing service for resolving any of your water piping network issues. The valves are critical mechanical devices that can direct, regulate, and control water flow.

A valve can open, close, or partially obstruct the flow of water. Nowadays valves are made of many kinds of materials including brass, bronze, and PVC, among others. They are used in many different construction and establishments including commercial and residential buildings, wastewater treatment facilities, water supply systems, and chemical/industrial plants for directing and controlling the flow of fluids (including water).

Five Types Of Valves

Various kinds of valves may be used in residential homes and other establishments as they have many special benefits.

1. Gate Valves

Gate valves can open or close fully and are one of the most common types of valves used. It includes a metal gate (wedge-shaped) that is pulled or lowered through the knob/handle. However, these valves cannot be opened or closed partially. Also, the operation of these valves does not cause any water hammer sound, as they open and close slowly and gradually. However, these valves are only operated manually.

2. Ball Valve

A Ball valve consists of a liver handle attached to a rotating sphere (with a hole). When the valve is opened, the hole is in a straight line with the water pipe and water can flow. The hole and the water pipe are perpendicular to each other when the valve is closed. The position of the lever can also be observed to find out whether the wall is opened or closed. The valve is open when the lever and the pipe are in the same line.

Ball valves are exceptionally reliable and can provide an excellent and tight seal when they are closed. They are also exceedingly small and light in weight. However, the precision of water flow is not a benefit of the ball valves. You can ask your acquaintances’ questions like which are the best plumbing services near me that can suggest to you the best variety of ball valves for your home.

3. Butterfly Valves

The light-in-weight butterfly valves consist of a metal disc that rotates for controlling the flow of water. These valves are less expensive, which is one of their benefits. They are also light in weight and therefore used for many different industrial applications. However, all butterfly valves consist of a gasket, which may require replacement from time to time. Also, a drip in the water pressure may be observed as the disc of the valve is located within the water flow only.

4. Globe Valves

When the flow of water or any other liquid must be adjusted more often and regularly, the globe valves are preferred. These valves have a globe-like appearance, and their assembly consists of a valve stem and a stopper (located at the end of the stem). The valve also has a twist, which is not lowered or raised for controlling the flow of water. These valves are usually used in utility faucets (including the house bibs). While the globe valves can be used for regularly adjusting water flow, they cannot be used in comprehensively open conditions.

5. Pressure Relief Valves

The pressure relief valve is often used for protecting the piping systems and equipment from being damaged or busted. They can reduce the flow of water effectively to any desired limit. The valve assembly includes a diaphragm and a spring. The spring of the valve can be adjusted to any limit and for a specific water pressure that is to be maintained. Also called pressure safety valves, pressure relief valves are often used in high-rise buildings, firefighting, water tanks, and water towers. However, the valve can chatter if the back pressure of the water becomes too high.


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