How Do You Find An Underground Water Leak


When you live somewhere with water lines buried underground, you may witness water leakages. Underground water leaks may be undetected for a long. Mostly, they are spotted only after they have brought about significant damage to the property.

If you find any leakage, it is important to get the issue fixed at the earliest since compromised pipelines may lead to much damage to the infrastructure. Here are a few signs that you should be watchful of:

  • Abrupt Increase In Water Usage

When you see a sudden increase in water usage, it is the number one sign of underground water leakage. To find out whether there is a leakage, you have to locate your water meter and shut off the main meter valve. You have to make a note of the numbers shown on the meter and leave the same off for an hour. As you do this, you have to go back and check whether the numbers have moved. If you see the numbers to move, then you have underground water leakage and have to find plumbers near me.

  • Cracked Bulges On the Pavement

It’s natural for underground leakages to bring about damage to the areas surrounding them. If you have concrete and tarmac near the leakage, you would be able to spot cracked areas, potholes, bulges or grass surrounding it, over time, sinkholes may form. If you leave the condition that way without finding plumbing companies near me, undetected leakage might result in mold formation which will give an unpleasant smell in the area.

  • Low Pressure Or Dirty Water

When there are underground water leaks, eroded, clogged, or ruptured water pipes are likely to cause low pressure in the water supply. It may even turn the water dirty, rusty, or filled with air and in some cases, these can be signs of issues with the water supply. Whatever be the reason, if you find low pressure in the water supply or dirty water, then you must call a Carlsbad plumber without any delay.

  • Search For Other Signs Of Leakage

There is a high chance that underground leaks may go unnoticed as there will be no water pooling in the home or any dripping sound. You have to carefully watch the water bill and walk up and down the boundaries of your home. Check whether there are wet areas in the sinkholes, yard, or unusual growth of vegetation in selected areas in comparison to the rest.

  • Final Words

No matter whether you choose to examine your property by yourself or have a plumber Carlsbad do that same for you, the next step involves having expert professionals repair the same. Most reputed plumbing companies near me use state-of-the-art methods to determine the precise location of underground leakage.

In these kinds of complicated issues, you have to be quick to take action, or else it will eventually lead to more damage and high utility costs if they are left unaddressed for a long. Therefore, it’s important that you check for underground water leaks from time to time.