What Happens If A Pipe Bursts Underground


The underground piping network and the water system are critical for everyday living for the residents and inhabitants of any home or building. An underground pipe may burst due to reasons including the freezing of water and cause a hazard and a problem. An emergency plumber Carlsbad can take care of the issue and resolve it in the least time possible. However, you should also be aware of certain scenarios that may occur when a pipe bursts underground.

The Bursting Of An Underground Pipe

The same amount of water when frozen will occupy a greater volume, following the scientific principles. The water that flows through your plumbing pipes and the network will move freely to the different utility sources including the dishwasher, sinks, and bathing showers. However, the free flow of the water may be restricted when the temperature drops below freezing. The water in the pipes may freeze, expand, and cause the bursting of a pipe. A singular freezing instance of water within the pipe may not be a cause of pipe bust. However continuous and repeated freezing of water within the pipe may weaken the walls of the piping network and damage them. Furthermore, because the water also expands in the ice and frozen state, it will create more pressure on the pipes, thereby causing damage to the piping network and its bursting.

Addressing The Issue Of A Pipe Burst

When the pipe bursts, a huge amount of water may flow into the floors. It can damage the walls, flooring, and ceiling of any home or building. If you have to face such an issue, the first thing you need to do is to turn off the supply of water. It is the main water supply to any home or building. You can also search for Google with keywords like “best plumbers near me” and get professional help for resolving the issue.


Modern plumbing services have the best solutions to ensure that no one has to ever face an issue such as a pipe burst. One of the best measures available for preventing the issue is to insulate the entire piping system. If not, then at least the pipes that run through the cold areas should be insulated. Insulating the piping network running through the exterior walls is an additional prevention measure.

Another tip for ensuring that the piping network of your home does not burst in your absence/presence is to ensure that its temperature remains fairly warm. For that, you will have to modulate the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system of your home. An optimum temperature for the home interiors will also ensure that the water within the pipes does not freeze and pipe burst is prevented. If you are moving out of town to some other place for some time, you must turn off the main water supply and also ensure that the water pipes are well drained.


Most people wonder “Can there be any affordable plumbing near me?”. However, the best plumbing services provide economic repair, inspection, and replacement services that do not burn a hole in the pocket. You can also search the Google search engine with keywords like “plumbers near me”, contact a few plumbing services to obtain the price quote, and choose the most affordable option. Regular inspection and following preventive steps will ensure that your plumbing network and the appliances have a long life and do not cause sudden scenarios such as pipe bursts.