What Are The Signs Of A Slab Leak


A leak in your slab and the home construction can cause many different problems. The slab leaks are more common when the underneath soil is unstable. A home is typically built using the beam-pier system or on concrete slabs. When the soil is unstable, it may shift and cause a crack within the basement walls.

The slab constructions became popular in the aftermath of the second world war as they were more economic and could be accomplished faster. The concrete slab may be made using 4-inch to 6-inch reinforced rebar that is poured on the surface directly. All the plumbing lines and the pipe networks run below the slab. Therefore, once the slab is in place, it may be difficult to reach the piping network.

The Impact Of Slab Leaks

A leak occurs when the piping network located beneath the slab, or the plumbing, cracks. There may be a leakage in the plumbing joints. The water will flow through the cracks and will start to erode the soil. When it occurs, the strain on the slab increases, and the cracks could widen as well. If the leak is extensive, you may also find the furniture, flooring, walls, appliances, and other inclusions of the home damaged due to water ingress. Over a period, a leak can weaken the entire foundation of a home.

Signs Of A Slab Leak

While an emergency plumber can resolve a slab leak situation immediately, There are some signs of the problem that signal an early warning. If you are wondering “Is there any affordable plumbing near me?”, rest assured as the expert plumbers offer services following the needs of the clients and are quite economical. Below are some of the important signs of a slab leak.

  • The floor of the home has warm spots.
  • There is a general mustiness, and you can smell the growth of mildew and mold.
  • You hear the sound of water running in the home even when all the plumbing-related appliances and
    the taps are off.
  • Your water bills have increased without any evident cause.
  • You find some standing water in the foundation of the home.
  • The floorboards of the home are buckling or warping.
  • The carpets of the home are wet with no evident cause.
  • You find pools of water on the floor.
  • The foundation has some cracks.
  • There are some uneven growth patterns in the lawn or the foundation plants.
  • The soil of the structure shifts noticeably.

These signs reveal that there is a slab leak. You can search online and use the Google search engine to contact the expert and affordable plumbers near you. For instance, you can search Google with simple keywords including “expert plumbers near me” to get the contact addresses and phone numbers of reliable plumbers. Leading plumbing service will evaluate the situation and provide you with a cost and time effective solution.


Most homeowners have the question “Which are the expert, affordable, and best plumbers near me?” as water and piping issues are common and plumbers may be required from time to time. Slab leaks can weaken the foundation of a home and can cause many issues. Reach out to a leading and expert plumbing service provider to inspect and evaluate the entire piping network and system of your home now.