Toilet Keeps Clogging


Toilets are a necessity of everyday living and any issue associated with them should be addressed and resolved as soon as possible. While an expert plumber in Carlsbad can identify the issue and do the necessary fixes anytime you want, some of the steps can be taken by you well. Read the article and go through the information given below to know the reasons why the toilet keeps on clogging and how to fix it.

Non-Flushable Things And Items Being Flushed

A wide variety of materials cannot be flushed easily, but people may think the contrary. These include napkins, menstrual products, disposable cloths, hair, and ear swabs. Remember that the toilet is not a dustbin or a garbage can and is not designed to flush such materials. The wipes that consist of non-tearing materials cannot be flushed easily as well. As these materials resist drainage, you should avoid putting them in your toilet. Else it will clog time and again. It may also create issues for the plumbing system of the entire home if not taken care of.

If the toilet is already clogged, you can use a toilet plunger to force the clog through the sewer line. You can also use the toilet auger for breaking the clog. However, for long-term toilet care and to prevent frequent toilet clogging, you need to improve living practices. Only flush the biodegradable substances in the toilet.

Defective Flapper

When a toilet is flushed, the flapper gets lifted, which allows the water to move and flow downwards for flushing. However, if the flapper is defective, it will not lift enough. Consequently, not enough water will flow through the toilet and down the drain. In such a scenario, you will have to fix the flapper. You can also search Google with keywords like “plumber near me” to locate an expert plumbing service and get the job done. Sometimes the flapper may require a replacement. An expert plumber for toilet repair can find out the real cause of the problem and suggest the appropriate solution.

Defective Sewer Line

The main outlet sewer line of a home will take off from the home and connect the sewage to the septic tank or the municipal sewage system. While the sewer line is protected from snow, sleet, rain, and freezing, it can be exposed to tree roots sometimes. These roots can puncture the sewage pipe or wrap around it. In such a scenario, the sewage may get blocked and the toilets will not drain completely. Sometimes they may not be drained and cleaned at all. If the sewer line has punctures, even dirt, rocks, and other particles can enter it and cause drainage problems.

The expert plumbing services and the resourceful plumbers use the motorized augers for scouring the drain pipe insides. Such a professional service can clear the lines and remove such tree roots. However, if the sewer line is to be repaired for collapses, punctures, and other kinds of damages, it may require excavation work. The sewer contractors and the plumbers can take care of the problem. They will dig up the main line of sewerage and will replace it.


An expert plumbing service provider can reveal the appropriate reason for the frequent clogging of the toilet and fulfill the service to resolve the issue. You can reach out to a leading plumbing services provider in your area to know more about its benefits and costs of it.