Do Electric Water Heaters Use A Lot Of Power


Surveys reveal that electric water heaters may consume somewhere between 12% to 17% of the total energy being consumed in a home, on average. While gas water heaters use gas as their source of energy for heating water, they cost more upfront. Over a period using a gas water heater can save you money as gas has a lesser cost when compared to electricity. However, if you are using an electric water heater you should know the amount of electricity it uses.

Electricity Consumed By An Electric Water Heater

Most water heaters available in the market today may have a power consumption somewhere between 400 kWh per year to 3000 kWh per year when they are installed and used in a home. For instance, a 50-liter water heater (suitable for the daily hot water needs of two people) has a 1500W power requirement, when it heats the water for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes every day. The monthly energy/electricity cost of operating such a 50-liter water heater will be close to $ 6. In the same way, a 100-liter water heater (suitable for up to 5 or 6 people) may have a monthly energy/electricity cost of somewhere around $4 to $5.

The actual impact of your electric water heater on your electricity bills depends on the tariff rate. You can use the energy consumption calculator here to calculate the energy consumed by the electric water heater in your home, following the electricity tariff rates in your area.

The larger electric water heaters can heat large amounts of water at a time. Therefore, over a period you may have to spend a lesser amount of money on electricity bills when using a larger electric water heater when compared to a smaller one.

Tips To Ensure That Your Electric Water Heater Consumes Least Electricity

Just like other things in life, the piping network and appliances connected to it (including the water heaters) require care and maintenance from time to time. Many people may wonder “are there any best plumbers near me?” and “how much do the plumbing services cost?”. You can search the online Google search engine with keywords including “routine plumbing and appliance care services” and “emergency plumber near me to locate the best and most affordable services. The leading plumbing services provide expert care for your water-connected appliances and piping networks. Below are tips that you can follow to save electricity while using your electric water heater at home.

  • Reduce the Thermostat Temperature.
  • Bath only for the optimum periods and do not take too long in the shower.
  • Install the low shower heads and faucets in your bathrooms.
  • Get your water tank insulated so that energy is not lost.
  • Install a bigger tank size (following the number of people in your family) to ensure all water is heated at a time.
  • Install the latest and energy-efficient water heater models.
  • Switch off your electric water heater when you do not require any water heating. Alternatively, you can also choose the automatic electric water heaters.


If you wonder “who can be the best plumbers near me?”, you can find relevant information online and can also consult your friends, family members, colleagues, and other acquaintances. The export plumbers also provide routine maintenance and care for plumbing-connected devices, including electric water heaters. Such care ensures that your device can run with utmost efficiency and also serve its purpose for many more