What Are The Four Types Of Toilets?


The market has distinct kinds of toilets today for both commercial and residential bathrooms. A toilet’s configuration may vary from others due to the differences in the way it functions. You can choose the best and most appropriate toilet for your bathroom and family when you know more about the types of toilets available. Fortunately, toilet designs are more flexible today and can be accommodated well in diverse kinds of spaces. Whether you have a small or large-sized bathroom, you have a toilet that can fulfill all your needs while also improving the aesthetics. The toilets available today may vary in aspects like energy efficiency, design, color, and size among other aspects. Below are the four types of toilets available today that you should be aware of.

One Piece Toilet

The “bowl and the tank” of a one-piece toilet are in the form of a single piece, as the two parts relate to each other. The toilet occupies less space when compared to the two-piece toilets. Therefore, if you have a smaller bathroom and want to ensure that the toilet occupies the least space, you should prefer the one-piece toilet. The cleaning and installation of the one-piece toilets are also easier and take less time when compared to the other toilet designs.

Two Piece Toilet

Two-piece toilets can be found commonly in all kinds of homes and have been popular in the market for quite some time. The water tank is separate from the bowl but connected to it. Two-piece toilets are more popular due to their affordability as well. The cost of these toilets is less when compared to the other toilet designs.

Wall Mounted Toilet

The wall-mounted toilet designs are a comparatively modern design and an idea that can be easily found in commercial establishments and buildings. However, the modern sleek looks of these toilets are much appreciated by all, and many homeowners are getting them installed in their home bathrooms as well. As the design of the toilet culminates into the room’s wall, it occupies less space. Also, if there is a source of water available you can install these toilets in any room you want. Do remember that apart from the water supply and source, you also require drainage for all kinds of toilets including wall-mounted toilets.

Smart Toilet

A small toilet is a modern toilet that has many more features and amenities to make your life hassle-free, comfortable, and more convenient. Some of the features of a modern and smart toilet may include:

  • Self-cleaning wand
  • Hands-free flush (or automatic flushing)
  • Heated seats
  • Bidets
  • Dual flush feature

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There are distinct kinds of toilets available today and you can choose based on your preferences and circumstances (such as budget bathroom size among other aspects). Search Google with keywords like “emergency plumber near me” to locate the best plumbing service provider for resolving any issue related to your bathroom and toilets.