Tips To Remove Calcium Build Up From Your Kitchen And Bathroom


There are a large number of plumbing issues that might cause a lot of inconvenience for the homeowners but the most uncommon yet frustrating issue that might affect your life is the calcium buildup on faucets. This problem is common if you are living in a place where you get hard water and it can lead to white chalk like build up on faucets. This problem cannot be ignored as it gives an unsightly look to your bathroom and it also indicates how hard water is in your home that is leading to this issue. Moreover, calcium buildup on the faucets also means that your expensive fabrics and appliances can be damaged in the long run due to hard water. Hence, you can seek advice from a plumber who will help you with some amazing DIY methods that helps you to get rid of this problem for removing calcium build ups on faucets. If you want to get a new and shiny faucets, you will need to get rid of this limescale and calcium deposits that look unsightly and also lead to clog on the facet head. Moreover, this buildup can also restrict proper water flow while slowing down the water pressure as you will get uneven spray of water from the faucet. Thus, you need to know how to remove calcium buildup on faucets so that it will not give a cloudy or unappealing look to the plumbing fixture.

Tips to remove calcium build up

Go for a water test- the best way of finding the best solution for your water problem is by going ahead with a water test. For this you will need to call professionals who will take water sample from your home for determining the level of calcium and other mineral deposits in the home. This will help you to choose the right path for getting rid of calcium build up issues from your kitchen and bathroom faucet.

Use vinegar for cleaning task- the best way of removing this calcium build up is by using vinegar as it helps in dissolving the buildup so that the faucets can run smoothly without any issues. This is the best DIY method that targets the calcium and limescale so that your plumbing fixture will get the best look.

Install water softener- the use of water softener is the best way of removing calcium buildup from the faucet so that it does not pose any health risks. The calcium can easily penetrate into the surface and eventually lead to corrosion and hence using a water softener can easily deal with this issue effectively.

Baking soda paste- another DIY method for removing calcium build up from faucets is by using baking soda paste that is mixed with vinegar for addressing the problem. This mixture is very effective in dissolving the minerals and absorbing the residue so that you will no longer have to deal with the issues in the long run. You should cover the spotty area and wipe it with damp cloth so that all residue will be removed from the faucet in a proper manner.