How to Remove Foul Bathroom Odors


If your bathroom stinks, there’s a good chance it’s not because of you. Most likely, the cause is that someone has used it who was a bit messy, and body odor problems can usually be traced back to one or more of the following:

– You didn’t flush the toilet properly, and wastewater drained into the bowl:

Fecal matter is one type of waste that can contribute to foul bathroom odors. Feces contain bacteria that produce an ammonia-scented sweat and sulfur dioxide gas that gives off a rotten egg smell. These odors will gradually work their way up from deeper inside your drains, depending on the water used by different residents in your residence.

That’s why it’s essential to pay attention to whoever is using the facilities and be willing to clean waste and toilet bowl thoroughly afterward. Alternatively, you could use a toilet cover to prevent scents from getting into your drains.

– You used too much water while brushing your teeth:

Running the water while brushing is supposed to rinse all traces of toothpaste, but studies have shown that more than 5 minutes of wet-mouth time can intensify body odor. The longer you stay in your water and steam-filled bathroom, the more likely you will have foul smell issues.

However, if you’ve used too much water and your bathroom stinks, you can quickly get rid of foul smells by first changing the water. Then, use mild detergent to clean the toilet bowl and wipe it with a clean sponge. Lastly, vinegar or lemon juice would help neutralize any odors lingering in your drains.

– You haven’t replaced the toilet seat:

Some people never replace the toilet seats and allow them to become dirty with stains. This can lead to odors and bad smells because some bacteria require moist environments to thrive, causing foul water stank. Furthermore, letting the seat wet can also cause mildew or mold growth, resulting in moldy smells after your shower or washing your face in your bathroom.

Changing old toilet seats for new ones is always a good idea, especially if you need a new one for cleaning purposes for the comfort of your guests and yourself. Replacement pads are available in most drug stores and online retailers of household products.

– Your toilet is clogged:

If your toilet bowl water level is constantly low, it may be because your toilet is clogged. Consider how long it takes for your toilet to fill up when flushed. If it takes more than 10 minutes, you might have a clog in the pipelines and should schedule an appointment with a professional plumber to have them get rid of the clog and help clean the drains if necessary.

So now that you know how to remove foul bathroom odors, ensure you use proper hygiene practices regularly and keep your bathroom clean. Don’t forget that bad smells can cause potential health issues and tarnish your reputation in both the social and professional worlds.


Common causes of foul bathroom odors are usually related to uncleanliness, causing a buildup of bacteria and mold in your drains. The best way to get rid of foul odors is by using proper hygiene practices and products that can remove foul smells from your drains.