Symptoms of High Water Pressure in Your Home


Leaking pipes- high water pressure can cause a lot of stress and damages to the pipes of your plumbing system which eventually leads to leaks. The best tip to deal with this problem is by using a pressure regulator that will prevent high water pressure from causing havoc to your household.

Unnecessary strain on home’s plumbing system- too much high pressure can be very hard on the internal fittings and pipes of your home. You need to keep a check on the water pressure because it can eventually damage the water heater, toilets and other plumbing systems of your home.

Water hammer- water hammer is also known as the hammering, banging or knocking noise that comes from pipes as soon as you turn on the faucet. It is a common problem that arises due to high water pressure and you need to call the plumber quickly to fix the problem before serious damage is caused to your home.

Damaged appliances- high water pressure can damage the different appliances of your home including water heaters, refrigerators and washing machine over a period of time. When the water inside the water heater expands, it requires a lot of space which can lead to water heater failure and you might have to replace these costly home appliances. You need to contact a plumber for fixing these problems so that it does not cut the lifespan and longevity of your appliances as it might require replacement of these appliances.

High utility bills- with high water pressure, there is a more wastage of water whenever you are turning on the tap and this is the reason why you have to pay a high utility bill every month. You need to check the symptoms of high water pressure and hire plumber who can help you to deal with these issues before the matter becomes worse.

Leaking faucets- when your faucet is dripping for no reason then it is because of high water pressure. The rubber gaskets and seals are wearing out due to the water pressure and the best way to fix this problem is by replacing the worn out parts of the plumbing system.

Running toilets- water pressure problem is very common in your toilet when the water is flushing or it keeps running on its own. You need to look for a plumber who will advice you regarding the best way of handling these problems in your home.