Common Sewer Backup Causes & Quick Fixes You Need To Know


Backed up sewer drain is one of the most frustrating and complicated plumbing problem that you will have to face in your home. But this problem needs to be resolved at the earliest so that your plumbing system will run smoothly and efficiently. When you are facing problem of sewer backup, you will need to contact a plumber who will carry on an inspection and find out the root cause of the problem. This professional will also find out the quick fixes that are needed to prevent the problem from getting aggravated as well as look for preventative measures that you need to employ as a homeowner. You can also handle the problem of sewer backup on your own so that you will no longer have to face nightmare because of these common issues. The chemical and biological contaminants that you get due to the backup can lead to mold and mildew formation. Hence, if you want to protect your home and belongings from these serious problems, you need to take quick action so that you will enjoy the best results.

Common sewer backup causes & quick fixes

Tree roots in sewer pipes- tree roots are the most common cause of sewer backup as it travels far and it can eventually cause blockages and significant damage to the sewer pipes. Moreover, shrub roots and small trees can also lead to serious damages to the plumbing system and the best way of dealing with this problem is by cutting the tree roots and replacing or repairing the damaged pipe.

Blockage of sewer mains-this is also a very common cause of sewer backup that is caused due to blockage of the main sewer lines leading to problems in the entire plumbing system. The clogs that are present in the line will build up over a period of time eventually causing a serious blockage in the sewer line. The best way of rectifying this problem is by getting the pipes cleaned by experienced and qualified plumber who will make sure that your plumbing system will be back into its working condition.

Severe weather conditions- bad weather conditions like flooding events and heavy rainfall are also known to cause sewer backup. It can also affect your plumbing system unless you take quick action to resolve the issues before it turns into a major problem. The best way to fix this problem is by installing a backwater valve as it helps in stopping the flow of water so that it does not come back inside your home in instances of severe flooding. If your home is located in a place where severe weather conditions are a common occurrence, you should be well prepared to handle the situation in a proactive manner.

Damaged sewer pipes- sewer backups are also caused due to broken, damaged and collapsed sewer lines. Moreover, insufficient ground support and earth movement can also result in damages to the pipes and the best way to deal with the problem is by getting the pipes replaced by the plumber.