Why Is My Water Heater Leaking


A leak in the water heater is not only a cause of inconvenience but may have certain long-term adverse effects as well. For instance, if the leak issue is not taken care of immediately, it may damage the walls, floor, furniture, and even the foundation. The water may impact these home areas and possessions and aggravate the losses. You can easily search Google with keywords including “leading plumbers near me” to reach out to a reputed and experienced plumber who can take care of the issue. You can also enquire about your friends, acquaintances, and family members and ask them questions like “Which can be the best plumbing services near me?” to get the contact details of a few resourceful and popular plumbing companies. Below are the common causes of leaks in water heaters that you should be aware of.

Loose Drain Valve

The drain valve is important for emptying the water heater and cleaning it from time to time. However, the valve may get loose over a period and cause water leaks. You can call a plumber to check the issue or tighten it yourself.

Loose Inlet/Outlet Connections

The water flow enters a water heater through the inlet connection and the warm/hot water flows out of it through the outlet connection. These connections and the pipe should be well secured and tightened so that any leaks are prevented.

Old Water Tank

Water heaters with tanks may crack as they age. The usual life of a water tank-styled heater is approximately 15 years. Rust and corrosion may be the cause of cracks and spillage of water. While you can always replace the tank, it is better to use the latest tankless water heaters.

Excessive Water Steam Pressure

The hot water in a water heater may also create steam that exerts pressure on the walls of the water heater. Excessive pressure can cause cracks in the body of the water heater and leaks. Therefore, you should ensure that you control the level of temperature in your water heater and reduce it to appropriate levels.

Malfunctioning Temperature And Pressure (T&P) Valve

The Temperature and Pressure (T&P) valve is responsible for maintaining optimum pressure within the water heater. If the water heater is leaking, you can check this valve. If it is loose, you can simply tighten it. However, the valve will require a replacement if broken.


Common house water may carry some sediments even after undergoing treatments. These sediments may deposit into the tank of your water heater over a period. Such sediments can also cause cracks within the body of the water heater. Therefore, you should ensure that your water heater is well-maintained and cleaned from time to time.

Some water heaters may also come with an extra storage tank that is used for storing warm water. This storage tank of a water heater may also get cracked. The minerals may collect, calcify, and cause cracks in the inner glass linings of the storage tanks.


If you are wondering “Which are the resourceful and best local plumbers near me?”, you can search Google or enquire with your friends, acquaintances, and family members to reach out to the best services. The leading plumbing services enjoy favorable digital footprints and online presence, have positive reviews about them and detail their contact addresses on their websites.