Do Not Flush Cat Poop Down Your Toilet


Have you ever thought of flushing your cat’s poop down the toilet when scooping it from the litter box? After all, it seems like a normal thing to do as toilets are made for waste disposal only. Do not do this as the ramifications are dangerous. If you have flashed your cat’s poop down the toilet already, you should take immediate help from an expert plumber Carlsbad.

Wondering how bad can it be? Well, read on to find out about the dangers of flushing your cat’s poop and litter down the toilet.

Why You Can’t Flash Your Cat Poop And Litter Down Your Toilet

  • The Nasty Parasite Toxoplasma

A lot of the time, cat poop will have a single-cell parasite in it which goes by the name of Toxoplasma. It not only affects cats, but also humans. It is particularly hazardous for immunocompromised people and pregnant women. It causes congenital anomalies and abortions. Wastewater treatment of Carlsbad is designed to handle only human waste and not waste laced with Toxoplasma. Besides, if you flush cat poop with Toxoplasma down the toilet, it may also enter the environment by waterways. Toxoplasma is hazardous to marine life including otters, dolphins, whales, seals, fish, and shellfish as it causes brain damage and death most of the time.

  • Cat Litter Is Not Built For The Toilet

If you have flushed cat poop from the litter down your toilet, you should type in “local plumbers” right now on your browser to find immediate help. You must have noticed how your cat poop hardens like a rock when kept in the litter box for a while. This is because most cat litter is made using bentonite clay which is known for hardening as soon as it comes in contact with water. If you pour water on your cat litter, you will see that it has turned into a cement-like consistency. If you flush down cat litter or cat poop with cat litter stuck to it, the cat litter in your toilet pipeline and septic system will expand around 15 times and become hard after coming in contact with water leading to major plumbing blockage.

  • Severe Damages To The Septic Tank

Septic systems in most Carlsbad homes operate on a delicate balance of microbes. Your septic system is fashioned to process human waste and other biodegradable tissues only. So, if cat poop and cat litter enter the system, the biological mix is unable to take on the load and you will end up with a microbial imbalance in the system. This will lead to several issues including clogged pipes, damaged plumbing, and of course, a damaged septic tank if left unattended. An experienced Carlsbad plumber can provide you with the full picture. So, to know more about what damages flushing cat poop can do to your septic system in more detail and how you can fix the problem at hand, find an expert professional to help you out.

Bottom Line

So, if you made the mistake of flushing cat poop or cat litter down your toilet, you should not waste any more time. You can effectively avoid all the above-mentioned issues and more, if you take immediate help from a qualified plumbing company today! Now, open your go-to browser and search “plumber near me” and find the right service provider to help you out at the best price. Expert plumbers operating in and around Carlsbad are trained, skilled, and equipped to handle all plumbing issues caused by flushing cat poop down the toilet.