Tricks For Clogged Toilet Fix


Clogged toilets are one of the commonest problems people face when it comes to the plumbing of a home or any other building and establishment. Fortunately, you can always search Google with keywords including “best affordable plumbers near me” to locate and hire a plumbing service in an emergency and get the issue resolved. However, while a resourceful Carlsbad plumber can come to your aid anytime, there are certain DIY (do-it-yourself) measures as well that you can take yourself for fixing the issue of a clogged toilet.

Cleaning A Toilet By Using A Plunger

A plunger is a highly affordable tool that you can keep at your home to fix the issue of a clogged toilet at any point in time. However, you have both toilets as well as sink plungers available. A toilet plunger is more effective at cleaning the toilets when compared to sink plunges. The toilet plunger is specifically made for cleaning the toilet with its cylindrical sleeve (protruding from the bottom) and bell shape. The sleeve of the toilet plunger can fit inside the bowl of the toilet easily and the rubber cup can form a tight seal for effective toilet cleaning. As the sink plumber does not have the additional sleeve, they may fail to clean the toilets effectively.

First, ensure that there is enough water in the toilet bowl and the drain hole is covered entirely with it. Now you can angle and insert the plunger which will ensure that the sleeve inserts itself within the hole. Now you can follow with strong and sharp strokes by moving the plunger up and down multiple times. After some time, remove the plunger and flush the toilet. You can also repeat the process multiple times for more effective cleaning.

Use The Toilet Snake

Sometimes the toilets may be blocked to a great extent and plunging alone may not resolve the misery. Therefore, you may have to use the toilet snake, which consists of a long and semi-rigid wire coil. The equipment also has a tip (resembling a corkscrew) at one of its ends. It can better penetrate the twist and turns of the toilet bowl and clean it deeply.

Insert the corkscrew tip of the toilet snake or the auger within the hole of the drain. Now move its handle (in a clockwise direction) till the time you find that the tip does not further penetrates the toilet. Here is the clog that is not allowing the toilet to flush completely. Now push this snake back and forth a few times so that the clog breaks down and the water can flow freely. Flush the toilet in the end.

Other Measures

If you do not have the toilet snake and the plunger, or these tools cannot remove the clog, you can also use certain easily available substances in your toilet for unclogging it. Simply pour a quarter cup of the liquid dishwashing detergent into the toilet bowl and let it sit there for at least 15 minutes. The detergent will lubricate the clog and may dissolve it. Now pour hot water into the toilet bowl so that the clog is removed.


An expert and resourceful plumber in Carlsbad has the resources, expertise, and technical knowledge to solve any plumbing issue almost immediately or in the least time possible. If you are wondering “Who are the expert local plumbers near me?” you can search the internet with localized keywords or can enquire with your friends, family members, and other acquaintances.