Water Main Shut Off Valve At Street


In case of an emergency like sudden burst of water pipe or pipeline leakage, you will need to turn of the water main shut off valve at street first and then call for a plumber Carlsbad. Pipe leakage or pipe burst can lead to water gushing into your house or building causing a lot of damages.

You need to be quite quick to turn off the valve in order to save your house or building from these damages. But not everyone has the knowledge about how to locate this main shut off valve or how to turn it off. If you too are clueless about what to and how to do, then you are at the right place.

How To Find The Water Main Shut Off Valve?

In order to turn off the main shut off valve of the water supply, you need to find that valve first. Your home will have various shut-off valves for different appliances. But that can take a lot of time to turn off all these valves one by one. So, the best solution to cut off the water supply to the entire house or building is by turning off the water main shut off valve.

To locate this main valve, you have to look for it at the street outside your house. Follow these steps to find the water main shut off valve at street:

Step #1

You have to search for a round cover or rectangular cover which will be quite near to your property, especially between the sidewalk and the curb.

Step #2

Look for the main valve near the water meter which will mostly be covered by a plastic or a metal. Probably, it will also mention ??water meter’ on the cover for easy identification.

Step #3

You have to open the cover in order to find that main shut off valve of the water supply. In case you are having an issue identifying, it is better to call a local plumber near me urgently.

How To Turn Off The Main Shut Off Valve?

Once you have located it, you have to turn off this valve to stop the water supply to your house or building. This is the main water supply valve that remains turned on to supply water to your house. But during emergencies, you can turn this valve off to stop the water flow completely before you call for a plumber near me. How to turn it off?

First of all, you have to see whether the valve has a security bolt or not. In case it has, you have to use a socket wrench for removing the security bolt. Now that you have access to the water main shut off valve, turn it in a clockwise direction i.e. towards the right. You have to keep on turning it till the valve is completely closed.


If you are not able to remove the security bolt or turn of the main shut off valve, then you must seek for professional help. Call for the best affordable plumber near me to help you. A professional plumbing service can help to turn of the valve as well as to detect the plumbing issues in your house or building. Once they identify the issue, they will make sure to solve the problem.