What’s The Difference Between A Water Filter And A Water Softener?


The importance of water is known by everyone; hence, homeowners take extra steps to ensure the water they are getting access to is of high quality. If you consult with an expert plumber Carlsbad regarding this, the service provider will recommend either a water filter or water softener for improving the quality (health) and taste of your home’s water. Here it should be mentioned, as per the latest statistics and surveys, most homes in and around Carlsbad have installed both devices for proper and ideal water quality.

So, what is the right solution for you? Should you go for a water filter or a softener, or just invest in both? To answer this question, next the differences between these two beneficial options have been explained in detail. Hence, do keep on reading.

Understanding Hard Water

In most cases, unfiltered water that you get access to has a high level of magnesium and calcium. Such water can be classified as hard water. If you deal with soap scum on your shower door or tub and/or notice residue on your hands after washing them with water or soap water, you might have a hard water problem.

These stains and residues are created by the reaction between your soap and the high calcium and magnesium content in the hard water. If hard water issues are not solved or are left untreated for a long time, you will come face to face with expensive cleaning and repair services.

To know more about the negative effects of hard water, contact a reputable plumber to help you out. So, do make the time to search for one by inputting “plumbing companies near me” on your favorite browser.

Water Filter Vs Water Softener

Both apparatuses follow two different processes to serve two different purposes. The primary goal of a water filter is to remove impurities from the water supply. So, with a water filter installation, your home’s water will be free from harmful sediment, bacteria, chemicals, and other similar impurities. On the other hand, a water softener is a device that specifically removes hard water minerals like magnesium or calcium. A water softener will ensure that there is no mineral buildup and scaling in your plumbing and appliances that are connected to the pipelines.

Many homeowners are often confused by these two devices as they are unaware of the fact a water softener is an entire house water filtration system. Whereas, water filters are smaller devices that filter products in place even if it is a high-end entire home system. So, if you install both apparatuses in your home, you will get improved water quality and your water will be free from both harmful impurities and hard water minerals. You can ask a qualified Carlsbad plumber to suggest you a water softener that includes a water filter for a more profitable and advantageous end result.

Taking Professional Help

When looking to improve your home’s water quality, the expert guidance and services of a qualified plumbing company will come in handy. Such professionals are knowledgeable, skilled, and trained to provide accurate information and assistance regarding the installation of any one or both of these beneficial devices. So, do not waste any more time and switch to your favorite browser and search “plumbers near me” to get the required help today!