How Often Should You Inspect Your Home’s Plumbing


Plumbing is not only important for a household for the hot and chilly water supply but is also essential for removing and draining wastewater and sewage into the public drainage systems/septic systems. Preventive maintenance can ensure that most plumbing issues are avoided before they occur.

People usually reach out to a plumbing service when they have an emergency, such as a toilet running constantly, clogged drainage, or overflowing bathroom fixtures such as bathtubs and sinks. However, a regular and timely inspection of any home’s plumbing can ensure that the smaller issues do not aggravate into a major problem and that your piping network, appliances, and fixtures work optimally to have the longest lifespan.

How Often Should You Inspect Your Home’s Plumbing

You can carry out certain daily inspection activities to ensure that clogging does not affect your pipe network and system. You can also check the fixtures and appliances every week to ensure that no leak, sound, or drainage issue affects them. However, a more comprehensive and elaborate inspection of any home’s plumbing (a professional service for which you must pay) is carried out over a longer duration.

In most conditions, a home will be immensely benefited by a comprehensive plumbing inspection once every 2 years. You can always search Google with keywords including “Reliable plumbers near me?”, to locate and hire an efficient and affordable plumbing service for a routine plumbing inspection. Some of the important professional plumbing inspection activities include:

  • Checking for any kind of leak or crack in the pipes and the piping network.
  • Inspecting the water pressure and water flow in fixtures (including bathtubs, toilets, sinks, and showers).
  • Checking the discharges and the suction/sump pumps.
  • Inspecting the home appliances (such as water heaters) connected to pipes.
  • Inspecting all the pipe networks, fixtures, and appliances for leaks, damages, or improper connections.
  • Examining the valves, supply lines, and drainage system (among other plumbing system components) for any kind of leak, wear, corrosion, or blockage.

A reliable Carlsbad plumber has all the necessary resources and experience to provide effective maintenance.

Early Maintenance

In some cases, a two-year preventive maintenance schedule for a plumbing network can be excessively long and cannot be recommended. For instance, one such case can be when trees grow on your sidewalk or yard, and you require frequent plumbing inspection services to check for damage to the pipes. Early preventive maintenance of the plumbing network may also be needed when the neighborhood areas are affected by sewer line issues frequently. In such cases, you cannot wait for 2 years to pass by. Here you require early preventive maintenance to ensure that your plumbing network does not face any issues or problems.

Emergency Plumbing Service

Emergency plumbing services are important as they take care of random and unforeseen events related to plumbing fixtures and the appliances connected to the plumbing network. A reliable and professional plumber Carlsbad can handle and resolve any emergency plumbing issue. The common plumbing emergency issues include:

  • A sudden change in water pressure,
  • Smelly/colored outflows,
  • Clogging of drainage of fixtures including toilets and bathtubs,
  • Unusual rumbling sounds coming from the appliances and pipes,
  • And/or moisture and water seepage that affects the walls and floors of a home.


You can enquire with your friends and family members and ask questions like “Which are reliable plumbing services near me” to get some recommendations and references. Timely and preventive maintenance of plumbing networks and services can ensure that you have a hassle-free and convenient living experience and save money on maintaining your piping network, fixtures, and appliances.