How To Tell If Your Toilet Is Leaking


A leaking toilet is bothersome and can impact your experience significantly. Leaks can cause both mental and physical stress. In addition, around 27% of your water consumption goes to your toilet flushing. The consumption will be more when you have leaks. As a result, you will have to spend more on energy bills. More importantly, you might need to replace your toilet if you ignore leaking for a long. Constant leaking will impact efficiency and might require a replacement. Therefore, you can hire a local plumber to address it immediately. You can also check your toilet and find the source. The following article will help you find leaks in your bathroom. Keep reading, find the source, hire a plumber Carlsbad to fix it, and have a better experience.

How To Know Your Toilet Is Leaking

Phantom Flushes

Phantom flushes indicate that your toilet has leaking issues. You can have these flushes even if no one uses your bathroom. It will happen when the float in the tank drops one inch, and the pump will turn on to refill it. This condition is a sign of a leaking toilet, and you can hire plumbing services near me to check your toilet and address issues.

Runs More Than Usual

You might have noticed that the water runs longer when you flush it. If it is frequent, a leak might be the culprit. A poorly aligned flapper causes this condition. It allows water to continue even when the flushing cycle should complete. Talk to a plumber near me to adjust the chain or replace the flapper. The experienced professional will decide depending on the damage.

Slow Leaking

Slow leaks are undetectable since they cause less inconvenience than large ones. However, slow leaks can impact your water bills and cause other issues. You can remove the lid of the toilet tank and flush the toilet. Wait and let the flush cycle complete, and then use five drops of food coloring in the tank. Leave it for half an hour and ensure no one uses your toilet. Now, you can check the bowl. When you find the water colored, it indicates slow leaking.

Leaking In Toilet Base

Leaking in the toilet base is hard to trace. We ignore water in the toilet base since we do not suspect leaking. However, you can double check whenever you notice a puddle near your toilet. Clean all the water and place paper towels in those areas. Check the paper towels for any color, and you can flush your toilet to notice any more water exposure.

Sometimes, a strange sound from your toilet indicates leaking. You can hire a plumber Carlsbad when you suspect leaking but do not find the source. Leaking can cause more damage than your imagination. It will impact your bathroom experience and will also result in expensive repairs. You will spend more on energy bills, and regular leaking can cause structural issues. Hence, you must not ignore any leak in your toilet. Experienced plumbers will fix it fast without causing a bit of inconvenience. Also, an early repair will save you on expensive replacements.