How To Find The Water Supply Line To The House


Facing a water leakage problem in your home? Well, your home’s plumbing system is connected to the local main water valve with the help of the water supply lines running outside your home. So, if you are still facing water leakage or other similar issues, even after you have checked all your home plumbing lines, then chances are the issue lies in the outside water supply lines. Many homeowners find themselves in a pickle when the issue is seen from the outside lines as they think their qualified Carlsbad plumber will be unable to help them in such a situation. They have to go through a hectic and lengthy process of getting the Government and water supply company involved to fix the plumbing issue they are facing. However, this is where you are wrong! Your go-to expert local plumber can take on the whole process and provide you with a satisfactory outcome at the best price.

Can You Find It Yourself Or Should You Consult A Professional?

You do have the option to conduct a thorough web search on “plumbing services near me” and get professional help to find the water supply line connected to your home. Usually, this line is placed below the ground surface (at least 3 feet deep). Hence, it is indeed difficult to find. Besides, any wrong move can lead to catastrophic consequences and expensive plenties and repair charges. So, it will be best to take the help of a professional. When you choose one of the best in business, you are guaranteed that the technicians in charge of your project will possess the proper knowledge, skill set, training, and equipment to provide you with the best result quickly.

Only consider taking on this task yourself if you know a lot about the plumbing system common in Carlsbad and the locations of your home’s plumbing lines. If you can pinpoint where your water meter is located on your property and where the water supply line enters your property, finding the main water supply line on your own becomes a simple process.

Locating The Water Supply Line Connected To Your Home

Typically, you can find the main line in the following sections of your home:

  • Inside Perimeter

The main shut-off valve is located inside many homes in Carlsbad. So, search for it on your own by taking the straight water supply line entering your home as your guidance. The main line can also be located on the side of your property, facing the street. So, do not overlook this section as well. The main value will either be a knife-style or a handle-style.

Please Note: If the main water supply is coming from a well, then check the side or back of your property to find it.

  • Outside Perimeter

If you cannot find the main shut-off valve inside your property, it is likely the main line is located in the street outside. So, go to the boundary line of your home and the sidewalk or street to search for the main line which is called a curb valve in this type of situation. You will find a ground-level plastic/metal utility box trap door there. But do not turn it off without notifying the local governing body or the water supply company. If you contact the water supply company and let them know about the issue you are facing, they will either turn it off themselves or direct you to do it on your own.

To Conclude

With this detailed guide on finding the water supply line for your house, finding what you are looking for will become easy. However, it is a complicated process where one small mistake can cost you big time. Hence, it is better to take help from an experienced professional. So, do find one by searching online with the search topic – plumbing services near me.