Signs Your Water Heater Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced


Water heaters are immensely useful appliances in all homes. They are used for purposes including shower baths, cleaning, and laundry among many others. Taking care of the machine from time to time can keep it in good health. However, if you fail to take care of your water heater, it may stop abruptly at any moment and fail to provide you with warm/hot water anymore. When it happens, only cold water will come out from the faucets and you would not be able to perform the activities that need hot water. Fortunately, some signs can tell you beforehand that your water heater requires repair or replacement. You can know more about these signs (listed below) to get your water heater inspected, repaired, and/or replaced in time and avoid inconvenience and problems in your daily routine.

Fluctuating Water Temperature

Water heaters that are not functioning properly cannot warm or heat the water enough. Therefore, if your water heater is set at a high temperature and you only get lukewarm water, there is some problem with your water heater. A plumber can help you with the water heater repair and can inspect many of the irregularities associated with the machine. However, you can check the thermostat settings yourself and ensure that the temperature has been set correctly.

An electric water heater has two elements for heating the water in the tank. The water will not heat up properly to the desired temperature if one of these elements is not working. The gas water heaters will heat the water through the burners. If the water is not being heated properly, the burners may not be functioning optimally. A professional plumbing service can reveal to you the specific reason and help you overcome the issue in no time.

Unusual Noises

The water that goes inside your water heater and its tank contain some sediments. Over a period, these sediments may accumulate and deposit in the water heater tank’s bottom. As these particles are exposed to heat, they also harden over some time. If you hear unusual noises coming from your water heater, it can be due to these sediments. The sediments also harm the performance of the water heater and can damage its body from the inside. A professional plumbing service not only helps you with water heater installation but can also clean your water heater so that it works like new again.

Water With Rust

If the faucets connected to your water heater are giving rusty and colored water, the inside body of the heater may be rusting and damaged. Rusty water may flow there due to corrosion in the pipes. The expert plumbing services can inspect the water heater and the associated piping and provide you with all the details related to the issue. While sometimes repairs are enough, replacement of the water heater may be required when the damage is extensive.

Water Leaks

The water may start to leak from the water heater and its associated piping structures due to any reason. These water leaks are not only bad for the performance of the water heater but also are dangerous and can damage other home areas. Such leaks need to be inspected and corrected as soon as possible.


An expert plumbing inspection of your home from time to time can help you take care of many of the issues and get them addressed before they cause serious damage and inconvenience. Repairing or replacing your water heater in time can help you live a comfortable and hassle-free life. Reach out to the leading and expert plumbing service to know more about the benefits and the cost associated with it.