How To Find Water Shut-Off Valve Outside


While it may be an important aspect and component of home construction, many people may not be aware of the location of the main water shut-off valve in their homes. Most people never face any water catastrophe (for instance, a pipe burst) in their homes. However, to be on the safer side, it is good that you are aware of the location of the shut-off valve. If you know its location, you would not have to waste those critical minutes before you can shut the valve and stop the undesired inflow of water.

Apart from knowing its location, you should be also aware of the procedure to shut down the valve completely. Remember that in case of an accident, the water may gush within the home interiors rapidly and cause damage. It may not be the right time to search Google with the keywords “plumber near me”. You need to respond quickly and effectively to the situation. Prior knowledge and know-how of the water valve shut-off procedure will help you prevail victorious in the situation.

Shutting Off The Water Valve

A home will have shut-off valves for stopping the flow of water inside the home perimeter as well as for individual water appliances. The water main line is the main source of water to any home or building and is located outside the home. Also, if you close the mainline, it will shut down the flow of water to all kinds of appliances as well. Therefore, knowing the location of the mainline water shut-off valve outside will help you shut down the flow of water to any interior and appliance as well.

Municipal Water Network: Homes with a municipal piping network and water service should look for a round or rectangular cover located near the property’s edge. It is situated between the sidewalk and the curves in most cases. In some properties and homes, the valve is alongside the alley (and not the street). The cover of the valve is made either of plastic or metal for the municipal supply lines. It may also have the words “water meter” and some numbers imprinted on it, for identification purposes. To shut off the mainline water valve, you need to first open this cover and find the well.

Private/Self-Owned Water Well and Supply: if you have a private well for the water supply of your home, you would be aware of the positioning and placement of the main water shut-off valve. In most cases, it is located near or on the pressure tank. If you are not sure of its location, you can also talk to the plumbing services that attend to your home’s plumbing needs and do the repairs. Alternatively, you can also check the inspection report of the home that you received when you purchased it.

In most homes, a water shut-off valve is located within the utility space and the region where the mainline water pipe enters the property. It is true for the municipal water supply lines as well as the private supply lines and wells. The municipalities may also install the valve close to the water meter on the exterior wall of the home.

Shut-Off The Valve

Sometimes the shut-off valve may be secured by a security bolt. You have to first remove the bolt by using a socket wrench. If it is covered, you will have to contact the municipality and the agency for uncovering it. You can use a screwdriver for removing the cover. Then, you can close the valve through the channel locks. A “water meter key” can also be used for adjusting and closing the valve.


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