How Long Does It Take To Replace A Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe


You can replace your kitchen sink drain pipe within one hour to two hours. However, many things will depend on your skill and pipe condition. The material will also play a role in the complexity and time. You can take the help of plumbing services to make the process fast and effortless. Since experienced plumbers will ensure a flawless installation, you can expect a durable result. Here are the tools and steps to replace a kitchen sink drain pipe. You can go through them to have an idea about the process. You can go ahead if you are confident. Otherwise, you can hire plumbers near me and make the installation flawless.

Tools You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Kitchen drain trap kit
  • Marker
  • Hacksaw or PVC tubing cutter
  • Sink strainer and drain assembly
  • Locks and pliers

How To Replace A Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe:

Measure The Height

First, you should clear the area to have enough room to work freely. Keep a bucket under the pipework and check the height under the current sink. There will be a trap arm between the U-shaped bend and the drainpipe, and measure it using tape. You will have to measure from the bottom to the trap arm middle. You will need a new pipe of this length. Consider taking the help of affordable plumbing whenever you have any confusion.

Connect The Drain Pipe

Cut the drain pipe according to the measurement. You can use a tubing cutter or hacksaw to cut the drain pipe. Precision will decide the outcome. Hence, make sure that the cut is proper. Find the right fit before jumping into the next step. Otherwise, there will be problems with the installation. When doing it for the first time, you might need more effort. However, you can do this with careful observation.

Tighten Nuts

First, remove the existing part carefully, install the waste pipe, and drain the tap. After this step, use the washers and slip nuts. Tight the nuts and ensure that the waste arm slopes downward slightly. Find the correct position and then tighten the nuts. Take the help of emergency plumbing near me whenever you find yourself stuck. Experienced professionals can handle complexities and install the pipe fast.

Check For Leaks

Now, you have to check for leaks. You can turn the facet on and observe every joint. Make sure that there is no leak. You can tighten up when there is any leaking. Once you are sure that there is no leakage issue, you can fill the sink with the plug-in and allow the sink to drain. Keep a bucket to deal with accidents.

Replacing a kitchen sink drain will be easier once you know the steps and get the right tools. The process will not take more than two hours, even if you lack skills and experience. First, collect all the tools and then understand the process. When you feel that it is achievable, give it a try. You can hire a plumber whenever you find it hard to move and complete the replacement. Experienced services will always offer you a helping hand.