How Can I Improve My Bathroom Cheaply


You can improve and upgrade your bathroom so that it looks more beautiful and has better functionality as well. A complete renovation can be costly. Some estimates reveal that it may cost up to $ 11000 to remodel an average-size bathroom entirely. The price may go up to $ 25000 for the larger bathrooms. You can plan, work on the essentials, and ensure that you have an improved bathroom at a low cost. Below are some ways and tips to help you improve your bathroom cheaply.

Install Fewer Tiles

You need not add tiles to your entire bathroom as they are costly. You can just have the tiles installed in the prominent areas of the bathroom and may also add the horizontal strip of the tiles on the bathroom walls. Paint can cover the rest of the area. The combination will provide you the functional benefits and make your bathroom look better and new again. You can also enquire about your friends and acquaintances and ask them questions like “Which is the expert 24 hour plumber near me?”. The expert plumbers have all the resources and the experience to provide the best advice on a bathroom renovation and to carry out the changes on a hassle freeway.

Engage The Plumbing Services In The Appropriate Ways

Expert plumbers provide best services. However, the longer you engage them, the costlier your bathroom renovation, remodeling, and upgrade project will become. Below are some tips that will help you reduce the cost of hiring plumbing services for your bathroom upgrade project.

  • Schedule the bathroom renovation and avoid emergency plumbing services. You may be asking the
    question “Should I choose an emergency plumber near me?”. However, for a remodeling project, you
    should plan it and avoid emergency services as they cost more.
  • Ensure that the plumbers carry out more of the plumbing work only. The charges may increase when
    the plumbers also perform non-plumbing work.
  • If it is possible, you should retain the existing plumbing network and footprint. If you change the
    entire layout, it will increase the cost.
  • Try to switch to affordable plumbing resources and products to reduce the cost. For instance, the PEX
    pipes cost less than the copper pipes while providing the same functional benefits. In the same way,
    choosing the crimp-fit plumbing over the push-fit variety can also save you money.

Install The New Fixtures

Getting the bathroom fixtures installed separately can increase the cost. When you are improving and renovating your bathroom, you can add drawer pulls, sinks faucets, and towel racks, and upgrade the lighting fixtures. These items can enhance the value and functionality of your bathroom and improve its aesthetics as well.

Make Use Of Second-Hand Options

You may also find certain second-hand items and fixtures for your bathroom online. Buying and using second-hand fixtures can reduce the cost of bathroom upgrades and remodel substantially. For instance, you can choose second-hand countertops and bathtubs among other products. These are sold online on websites including eBay. The products will improve the functionality, amenities, and features of your bathroom while ensuring that the cost is low.

Pursue Green Thinking

When you factor in the environment while improving your bathroom, it may help you save money overall. For instance, you can choose “low flow” sink toilets and shower heads, which will help you save money on water bills while also conserving water. These items may cost the same while providing sustainability related benefits.


You can easily search the internet and use the Google search engine to get an answer to the question ” who are the best plumbers near me?”. Planning and following the tips listed above can help you improve your bathroom’s looks and features at a low cost. The expert plumbers can also provide you with the best advice and services for improving your bathroom more economically.