How To Fix A Leaking Garbage Disposal


Garbage disposal is one of the hardest working and most frequently used appliances in your kitchen. You may notice a leak in your garbage disposal when you find your cabinet to be soppy, a foul smell emanating out of the puddle, or an audible drip. Your local plumber can fix the leak and help you with the care and maintenance of other appliances in your home connected to the water network. However, if you are wondering “which is the expert plumber near me to help me fix the garbage disposal leak issue?”, you can search the internet or enquire with your family members, friends, and other acquaintances. You can also do some detective work yourself, find the source of the leak, and fix the leak affecting your garbage disposal.

  • The Leak Is Close To The Gasket

If you find that the leak is coming from the top rim of the garbage disposal appliance at the location where the rubber seal and the flange meet, it is due to the defective rubber gasket. Gaskets may start to leak when they dry due to the long duration of absence of water or when they get old. Also, if the gasket is not well-locked, it will leak. The leak may also occur when the older garbage disposal appliance has been replaced with a new one, but a new rubber gasket has not been installed. To replace the gasket, you need to buy a new one at the home improvement stores in your proximity and follow the steps given below.

First Disconnect Electricity And Water: you first need to unplug the electrical cord and disconnect the drain from the garbage disposal. You will have to remove the dishwasher drainage hose as well if you are using it along with your garbage disposal.

Remove The Leaking Gasket: you can now use a wrench and remove the nuts (by twisting them in a counterclockwise direction). It will unlock your garbage disposal unit and the disposer would drop downwards.

Install The New Garbage Disposal Gasket: inspect the garbage disposal closely and you will find the rubber gasket. You need to remove the old gasket by peeling it off. Now put the new gasket in its place. Ensure that it lies flat and combines well into the lip. However, if your garbage disposal unit requires a special gasket, you need to check the stores with the model of the unit. You can also carry the older leaking gasket to the stores to buy a new one.

Test the Garbage Disposal Unit: once the gasket has been replaced, you can put the garbage disposal appliance back in its place. You can use the wrench to put back all the nuts and ensure that the various mounting positions have been well-locked in. Now you can plug in the electrical cord and connect the drains. When you turn the water supply on again, there should be no leaks.

  • When The Flange Causes The Leak

If the leak is due to the flange, it will be at the upper body area of the garbage disposal. Such leaks can be sealed by applying a plumber’s putty. To cure this leak, you need to follow all the steps listed below but there is a slight change in the end. This time you will not work on the gasket.

  • You need to first loosen the flange and open the clip (that secures the position of the flange).
  • Now pull the flange outwards and apply the plumber’s putty around the flange’s rim.
  • Now you can place the flange back in its original position, re-assemble the clip and the bottom flange, and tighten the screws.
  • Reconnect the water drains and there should be no leaks when you open the water tap this time


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