Tips On What To Do About Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems 


Plumbing issues can come up at any hour and you have to look for experienced and certified plumbers Carlsbad right away. As a homeowner, you must have been equipped with some critical tools that will help you cope with emergencies. Sometimes, a clogged toilet or a choked drain may need only some plunger or elbow grease to work efficiently once again. If you are handy around your house, small plumbing repair jobs can be carried out easily. But serious issues will definitely probe you to look for Carlsbad plumber.

Common Plumbing Issues That May Plague A Home

In most of the cases, we don’t think of washroom plumbing unless there’s a water leak Carlsbad. And when it occurs, it’s one of the most unsightly and unwanted sights to behold. If you can be aware of some common plumbing issues in your bathroom beforehand, you can be better prepared to address them.

Here Are Some Typical Issues Concerning Bathroom Plumbing Along With Their Causes:

1. Running Toilet

If you ask people about the most annoying plumbing issues, they would certainly agree that it is a running toilet. It happens when there is continuous leakage from the tank to the pot even when it is not in use. Generally, this problem stems from a faulty fill valve or a flapper valve. If you’ve sound technical knowledge and a bit of patience, it will be easy to fix. Sometimes, all it needs is a replacement of the parts but if the condition is out of hand, you have to call an experienced plumbing repair for assistance.

2. Slow Draining

Slow-draining sinks are another common issue in several residences and commercial buildings. It can happen due to a clogged pipe or the obstruction could be somewhere in the pipeline. Even the slightest nuisance like your dental floss or hair slipping into the drain pipe can be wrapped into the sink stopper and cause slow draining. This issue can be fixed with a plunger or by removing the sink stopper to check the drain. When these methods fail, you have to call a Carlsbad plumber to steer clear of the problem right

3. Overflowing Toilet

It is a common plumbing problem that happens when there is a blockage somewhere high up in the drainage pipe or between the primary sewer line and your toilet. This causes the water to move back to the bowl. This is another reason why many homeowners and housekeeping services keep a plunger for the washrooms. Usually, this modest tool is equipped to get the toilet in working condition again. But when your toilet is blocked and you are frequently facing this issue, there can be more significant problems in the system implying that you have to call plumbing repair experts for help.

4. Dripping Taps

Dripping taps is not only a disturbing issue in your bathroom but can potentially increase your water bill unnecessarily. But there are certain crucial factors that you can be mindful when dealing with this problem. In maximum cases, it is the faulty washer that’s the culprit. If you are adept in plumbing jobs, you can easily stop the water supply and replace the washer. But if it’s not working, then you may have to replace the O-ring or the valve seat. This is not a job of a layperson, and it’s better to depend on plumbers Carlsbad for the job.

5. Pipe Leakage

If you see water around your bathroom basin, floors, or walls, chances are that there is leakage in the pipe. Pipe leakage is not just a nuisance but can also damage your washroom furnishing, floor, and walls. Moreover, constant dampness in the bathroom can also invite insects, roaches, and mites.

The plausible way to deal with this issue will depend on the type of pipes that are installed in the bathroom walls and which part has suffered leakage. The typical place of leaks is the pipe joint and tapes or fillers can only offer temporary solutions. It is necessary to have the water leak Carlsbad address the issue and replace the damaged pipes.

6. Reduced Water Pressure

Have you noticed a trickle of water out of your sink faucet or that the taps are much slower than usual? Chances are your bathroom plumbing is a victim of low pressure which is common in older buildings. Various reasons can be attributed to this including accumulation of mineral deposits and sediments. This can be treated by installing a scale remover.

If you notice that the hot water pipe is giving a debilitating flow of water, it may be caused by some issue with the shut-off valve of the water heater. When there is the reduced water pressure in your bathroom, it’s important to call a Carlsbad plumber to fix the problem.

7. Sewer Smell

If there’s any blockage in your sewer line, it’s going to exhibit itself through a foul smell from the bathroom drains. It is sometimes caused by a dried p-trap implying that adding water can fix the issue completely.

But when you are unable to identify or check the right source of the foul smell, the main sewer line may be clogged by grease or other debris. When left unchecked, it can cause costly damage to the property and may also be dangerous at times. If you find sewer system backup, you should call an experienced Carlsbad plumber right away.

How To Fix Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Most of us do not realize how much we depend on plumbing until there are some issues. As the home ages, it is obvious that you are going to have some common plumbing issues. And the best part is that you can address these issues without much difficulty. When you are aware of the typical plumbing issues and their solutions, it will help you determine whether you must call the experts or grab the tools yourself.

1. Blocked Drains And Toilets

For a toilet clog, the signs are very immediate. Rather than flushing out the toilet normally, the water tends to back into the toilet bowl and can also overflow. For addressing this problem, you may start with a plunger for removing the clog in the first place. This simple plumbing tool aids in loosening the clogs due to air pressure.

You have to position the open end of the tool over the drain and move it to and fro for creating suction. Once you can draw the blockage close to the drain, you can use tweezers or similar tools for grabbing the clump and taking it away from the drain. When you cannot get desired results from this, you may also use chemical drain cleaners.

2. Leaking Faucets

As is already mentioned, dripping faucets are caused by worn-out washers and O-rings that need to be replaced. Even though every tap has different kinds of washers, replacing the same can be done in a few minutes. You need to turn the water supply off to the sink before you start with the job.

First, you have to identify where the valve is located. It is generally placed under the handle of the tap which can be unscrewed with any standard screwdriver. In case you are not able to identify the size of the washer, you have to identify the same with the make and model of the sink. You can also keep a range of assorted washers to help you deal with most home plumbing issues.

3. Slow Drain

Both your washroom sink as well as bathtub drain is likely to be blocked with hair and other stuff from time to time. But thankfully, you can address the issue with ease without calling plumbers Carlsbad. You must attempt to address the issue when you notice that water is not draining at the usual pace. You must have a manual plastic drain snake or a small plunger. The longer you wait to resolve the issue, the more complicated it will become and you may have to call water leak Carlsbad to solve the problem.

4. Toilet Issues

Often toilet issues go unnoticed and drain water through any internal leakage. If your toilet is always running, it can throw hundreds of gallons down the drain every year. This problem is mostly caused by rubber flappers that tend to lose their shape over time and fail to seal the tank properly. At times, the chain connected to the flapper also becomes twisted. As a result, the flapper fails to sit flush on the bottom.

Besides these common plumbing issues, too much rain or snow can cause the sump pump to fail to work optimally. It’s important to have routine maintenance in place and ensure that the pump is installed properly. Many people look for viable alternatives to sump pumps and you should rethink the irrigation condition of the building in such a scenario. Even though it may appear to be expensive, it can save thousands of dollars in the long run.