Why Is My Garbage Disposal Not Turning On


So, you are having issues with your garbage disposal. It is not turning on, and you are experiencing disruption and inconvenience. You can hire local plumbers, fix it, and bring back the functionality of your garbage disposal. You can also turn it on if you know the cause. As said by plumbers near me, garbage disposals will not turn on due to three common issues. You might have this problem due to clogging, electrical damage, or a broken motor. We will discuss all these in the following. Keep reading, find out the source and then you can fix it without hiring experts.


Clogging can stop your garbage disposal from working. However, you will hear a muted humming noise when your garbage disposal has this issue. The noise indicates that your garbage disposal is in good condition but cannot turn on due to clogging. It will not allow the blades to turn. The non-crushable things might cause clogging and create an unfavorable situation. You can hire plumbing companies near me to fix the issue. You can also try the following.

  • Cut the electrical connection to your unit and turn off the disposal. You can unplug it to make your inspection safe. Get a flashlight and check inside the unit. You might find a broken dish or similar things on the blade.
  • Get into it with a tong and remove the clogged stuff. You can use tongs since they are long, and you can manipulate them inside the unit. Also, they are not fragile and can safely remove any broken thing without getting damaged by the blade.
  • Fix the issue, and then turn on the power to see if the garbage disposal is turning on.

Power Issues

Sometimes, you think the problem is with your unit, but the culprit is your power connection. It will not turn on If the garbage disposal will not get a power supply. You might experience this due to many reasons. First, check the power supply, circuit, and plug. Ensure that the connection is secure, and then find the reset button and push it. These things might fix the issue. However, you will need the help of plumbing services near me if you cannot fix it. Experienced professionals can fix advanced issues. You should avoid it since it can be risky.

Broken Motor

A broker motor can also lead to such a condition. You can check the disposal motor when your garbage disposal does not have electrical and clogging issues. Since you cannot fix a broken or damaged disposal motor, take the help of experts. Experienced plumbers will guide you on whether you need a replacement or repair. The expenses will be more when your garbage disposal gets this problem due to a broken motor. You might need to replace your garbage disposal when it is old. Plumbers can offer you the best help in this regard.

Your garbage disposal will not turn on in the above conditions, but you can fix the issue. You can check the power cord or blown fuses, and you can also address the clogging issues and bring back the functionality. However, you can hire plumbers near me when you cannot find the cause or fix it.