3 Most Common Causes Of Household Leaks


Leaks in your house plumbing system can encourage unwanted growth of bacteria, damage your home and it can waste water. It’s not possible to see the entire pipework of your house, you also will not understand if there’s a leak. One of the best methods to protect your building from future leaks is to understand the common causes of leaks. In this article, we list the 3 most common household leaks.

1. Degradation Or Corrosion

Leaks in the pipes often lead to degradation or corrosion; both these things require the attention of the plumber. There are various reasons for corrosion; the first one is the quality, the age of the system, or a chemical reaction. If you have an older home, it will have a high risk of damage because of the steel and copper pipes. If you notice rust on the water channels, you must look for plumbing services near me on the internet and hire a professional. If you leave the issue unchecked, it may get worse.

Another common water leak issue is movement or degradation. With time the house ages and the foundation finally settles. When this happens, the pipes in the house move, and they can separate too. If there’s a small separation, it can cause leaks in the walls. You will notice the dampness of the wall or water stains. For this, look for a 24 hour plumber near me online and you will find a professional to solve the issue.

2. Water Pressure

Better water pressure is good for a perfect shower, but if the pressure increases it becomes harder for the pipes. This is the reason water pipe leaks often. You may not find the issue at first, but slowly the leaks will come to the surface and it will mostly happen at night time. If the water freezes, it can burst too. You have to check for uneven water pressure, and call a plumber to look for the issue.

3. Clogs

Clogging may not seem like an urgent issue, some can lead to over-flowing of your house, or it can burst at any time. When the pipe clogs, pressure will be behind it, which can lead to structural damage based on the seriousness of the clog. The blockage is a mix of household chemicals and substances. If you leave it unchecked, it can damage the pipes faster.

You have to consider the hair traps in the pipes to prevent clogs. You have to be extra careful of what you put through the drain. Look for the best plumbers near me on the internet and hire a professional to address the clogging issue.

Signs Of Water Leakage

You may notice signs of water leaks in your home, and you have to contact a professional plumber the moment you identify the leakage issue.

The Signs Of Leakage Can Be:

  • Visual leaks
  • Discoloration and watermarks
  • The occurrence of termites and pests
  • Peeling of paint and crumbling plaster
  • A musty or stale odor
  • Dark patches on the ceiling or the walls.

If you notice these signs in your home, you must search for plumbers near me on the internet and find a professional plumber to check the issues. Only a professional plumber can address the leakage issues.


Plumbers can solve any leakage problems in your home. If you notice the pipes are leaking water, immediately contact a professional to solve the issue.